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Ltd. «Frelieiseksim»

UE «Frelieiseksim» started its activities in 1994. The top-priority objective of the organization was the saturation of the fish market, diversification, and product quality control.  Over 19 years the company has established itself as a leader of import and wholesale of fresh-frozen fish and seafood within the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

The world's largest fishermen and fish farms of Norway, Canada, USA, Netherlands, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Denmark, France, China, Vietnam, Singapore and Russia are among the suppliers of «Frelieiseksim». Long-standing and profitable relationships with suppliers allow us to guarantee the quality of goods. We supply products to the fish processing companies, wholesale trading companies and the largest networking hyper-and supermarkets as well as to the leading chains of restaurants.
Processing and manufacturing of packaged products from fresh-frozen fish and seafood is also one of the activities of  Ltd. «Frelieiseksim». The company is a manufacturer of fish fillet with freeze-quenching. The growth in production of instant food with the use of «ready to cook» technology is in perspective.
For the last year Ltd. «Frelieiseksim» has entered the Russian market through its subsidiary Ltd. «Akvatreyding Plus» as an exporter of its key strategic products - fresh-frozen fish and seafood. At this moment macrocontracts of delivery of products to the Russian Federation have been concluded.

The company is constantly expanding the range of fish production in an effort to meet the requirements of our partners to the fullest extent possible, to improve our work, to adapt to the market changes quickly and effectively.

Since 2008, the company "Frelieiseksim" actively engaged in business in the construction area.

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